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Smoked Beef Carpaccio

I was going around to a friend’s house for New Years Eve for a dinner party and said I’d do the starters for the meal. Rather than clutter up their … Continue reading

January 4, 2015 · Leave a comment

Sous Vide Roast Beef

As you can guess from the number of Sous Vide posts on here I’m quite excited about the possibilities for cooking everything in it. I’m not the greatest fan of … Continue reading

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Slow Braised Chinese Beef With Ginger and Aubergine

As it’s getting colder I love cooking dishes with cheap cuts that you can braise for hours in the oven and forget about, go for a long walk with the … Continue reading

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Fresh Chorizo

After having so much fun making Toulouse sausage last week I thought I’d make some fresh chorizo this week. Fresh as in you have to cook it rather than the … Continue reading

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Pea and Ham Soup ……. Indian Style

Rummaging through my freezer, trying to clear some space I found a ham hock that I’d bought and thought what a perfect Sunday lunch. The hock was ridiculously cheap, less … Continue reading

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Hoi Sin Pork Belly Rolls With quick Sesame and Citrus pickled Onion and Daikon

After one of the more memorable Friday nights out with friends from work I invited a few people over on Saturday to watch England beat Australia at rugby ( see … Continue reading

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Million Calorie Dinner…… Or Cassoulet as it’s also known!

As winter is drawing in I thought I’d give making Cassoulet a go ( as it turned out it was still about 12 degrees and didn’t feel particularly wintry ) … Continue reading

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Make your own sausages! You’ve got nothing Toulouse

Firstly apologies for the awful pun. It’s been a long weekend! I’d invited some friends around for dinner this weekend and I thought I’d give cassoulet ( my next post) … Continue reading

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Spicy Sunday Lunch

Spicy Sunday Lunch I love a roast as much as the next man but sometimes I just fancy something a bit different. On Sunday I had invited my mother and … Continue reading

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Making Bacon……. Not a reference to Pass The Pigs game!

Taking inspiration from Salt, Sugar, Smoke again I got around to curing some bacon this week. I cured the Pork Belly in a salt, sugar and juniper mixture for four … Continue reading

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