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Hoi Sin Pork Belly Rolls With quick Sesame and Citrus pickled Onion and Daikon

After one of the more memorable Friday nights out with friends from work I invited a few people over on Saturday to watch England beat Australia at rugby ( see this is the advantage of blogging after the match! )

Anyway I had to get some post hangover grub ready that was quick to prepare and scoffable in front of the TV. I made some more pork scratchings to snack on but this time added fennel as well as chilli, this really worked well and will definitely be on the list for the future! Then I decided if do some thing a bit oriental, I remember having some really good pork belly in a roll in a Korean Restaurant earlier this year and thought I’d have a go at a ( very) rough interpretation.

I bought some pork belly strips in the supermarket and then marinated them in Hoi Sin sauce, sesame Oil and a little hot Thai chilli sauce for a couple of hours. Longer would have been even better, perhaps over night. Then I scrapped most of the marinade off and pan fried the strips quickly to give them some crispy edges.


Then I added the marinade to the pan with a little water and let the strips cook gently for around half an hour.

Prior to starting the cooking I had finely shredded some daikon and a red onion, put them in a colander with a handful of sea salt and allowed them to drain for an hour. Putting the sea salt on takes some of the heat from the onion and makes them and the daikon have a bit more crunch. After and hour. I rinsed them in cold water to remove the salt and dressed them in sesame oil, lime juice and coriander.


When the pork was ready I cut it into bite sized pieces, loaded into the rolls with the pickle and topped off with chilli sauce, coriander and a squeeze of lime.


Perfect in front of the TV , watching sport with a hangover food!

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