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Slow Braised Chinese Beef With Ginger and Aubergine

As it’s getting colder I love cooking dishes with cheap cuts that you can braise for hours in the oven and forget about, go for a long walk with the dog and then come back to a lovely bowl of food later.

This is adapted from a recipe I’ve cooked before , but with some aubergine added and a couple of dried chillies for a bit of background heat.

Once you have whizzed all the ingredients in a food processor and browned the beef it’s a case of throwing them all in the pot and cooking on a low heat ( 140c) for at least three hours but it can stay in for four or five.


I served it with some steamed rice and garlic fried beans and garnished it with coriander and matchsticks of crispy fried salted ginger.

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This entry was posted on December 8, 2014 by in Meat.
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