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Smoked Beef Carpaccio

I was going around to a friend’s house for New Years Eve for a dinner party and said I’d do the starters for the meal. Rather than clutter up their kitchen I thought I’d do as much as possible in advance at home.

One of the dishes I did was a really simple Smoked BeefCarpaccio. I got a fillet of beef and cooked it Sous Vide at 50c for 90 mins ( you can miss the stage out but it gives the carpaccio a rare finish edge to edge). I then rolled the fillet in coriander seeds, cumin seeds, chilli, salt and pepper and seared it in a smoking hot pan on all sides. Then I hit it with a couple of oak smokes with my smoking gun ( again, you don’t have to do this but it adds another depth of flavour).


When I arrived at my friends I simply had to assemble the dish on a plate. I laid down a bed of lettuce, put on the beef and then shaved some Parmesan on top and drizzled with lemon juice, olive oil and pepper.


The beef tasted great with some home backed Ciabatta!

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