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Fresh Chorizo

After having so much fun making Toulouse sausage last week I thought I’d make some fresh chorizo this week. Fresh as in you have to cook it rather than the sort that is air dried.

I had around 750g of pork ( shoulder and belly) and minced it. Again I’ve only got a fine plate for my mincer at the moment and this really should be more coarse!

To this I added a handful of breadcrumbs ( this helps the sausage to hang on to a little bit more of the delicious paprika juices) 15g salt, a tablespoon of fennel seeds and 2 tablespoons of smoked paprika along with a glass of wine. I mix the spices salt and wine together before adding to the meat.


Then I mixed well, returned to the fridge for an hour and then stuffed the skins.


The mix made nine plump sausages which can be cooked normally or added to any dish you want to spice up a little.


I cooked a few in red wine in the oven at about 190c for half an hour, they were delicious with some fresh bread for dipping in the cooking juices!


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This entry was posted on December 1, 2014 by in DIY Food, Meat.
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