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Home Made Kind of Chorizo (part 2)

After around a month of hanging around in my porch the air dried sausage I prepared was ready ( by ready I mean it had lost around 30% of weight) … Continue reading

February 14, 2015 · Leave a comment

Duck Prosciutto

After my foray into charcuterie with the chorizo and finding that my porch is perfect for air drying meat during the cooler months, I decided to try a whole muscle … Continue reading

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Air Dried Chorizo (part one)

You may recall that I made some fresh chorizo a while ago. They were nice but I wasn’t particularly happy with the meat I got from the butcher , a … Continue reading

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Thai Cured Gravlax

One of the things I’ve really enjoyed doing is curing foods, particularly salmon. The beetroot cure I’ve smoked before has gone down really well with friends, so much so that … Continue reading

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Beetroot Cured Applewood Smoked Gravlax

Again drawing inspiration from Diana Henry’s book Salt, Sugar, Smoke I thought I’d make some beetroot cured gravlax for a dinner I was hosting for some friends. Instead of vodka … Continue reading

December 10, 2014 · 1 Comment

Japanese Pickles

Whenever I have Japanese food I always really enjoy the pickles you get with the meal. Looking through Tim Hayward’s excellent book DIY Food I found a quick recipe for … Continue reading

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Making Bacon……. Not a reference to Pass The Pigs game!

Taking inspiration from Salt, Sugar, Smoke again I got around to curing some bacon this week. I cured the Pork Belly in a salt, sugar and juniper mixture for four … Continue reading

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Bourbon Cured Gravlax

One of the first things I thought I’d try from Diana Henry’s book Salt, Sugar, Smoke was some gravlax. I’m a really big fan of smoked salmon but haven’t got … Continue reading

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It’s Jam Jim………… But not as we know it!!

So it’s been a porcine type of day. I’ve got around to curing some pork for bacon (more on that when it’s ready) and also made some Bacon Jam….. Yes … Continue reading

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