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Sous Vide Roast Beef

As you can guess from the number of Sous Vide posts on here I’m quite excited about the possibilities for cooking everything in it.

I’m not the greatest fan of Turkey so I got Rib of Beef for Christmas Lunch. I like my meat quite rare but my guest prefers it a little more cooked so I went for just over medium.

I vacuum packed the beef with some salt, pepper, garlic and rosemary.


Then I set the Sous Vide circulator to 60c and dropped the beef in for seven hours.


Obviously the water bath doesn’t sear the meat at all so you don’t get those great flavours from the Malliard reaction. This is easily rectified by searing quickly in a hot pan before serving.


This was a great way to cook the beef, it was meltingly tender and cooked perfectly all the way through, although next time if it’s just for me I’ll cook it at a lower temperature for a rarer beef.


I can’t wait to cook a tougher cut, maybe brisket, next time for a couple of days and see how tender it gets!

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