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Pork Belly Terrine

I was in the supermarket yesterday and whilst perusing the meat aisle I happened across some lovely pigs trotters so I thought I’d try a terrine, something I’d never attempted before.

So, I started with the trotters! 

To get the magic gelatin from the trotters I had to simmer in a pot for around three hours with stock vegetables, water, wine, herbs and seasoning. For about two hours I also added a pork belly, which would be the main body of the terrine.

After three hours I reduced the remaining liquid by about half and then strained it through muslin. Then I assembled the terrine by mixing the chopped pork belly with parsley, chives, seasoning and assembling in a terrine mould before filling to the top with the reduced cooking liquid.

Then it was into the fridge to set for a few hours. I also made a quick tomato chutney to go with the terrine. I used this recipe which turned out really well, I also added a few cumin seeds for a slightly more Indian edge.

The terrine was a starter for some friends but would also make a great lunch, I served it with some toasted sourdough and a salad garnish. The chutney was perfect to cut through the richness of the pork. 


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