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Slow Roast Moroccan Lamb with Aubergine and Halloumi 

A mostly low carb recipe this one (if we ignore the delicious Turkish bread i made as a side!) which was great as the centrepiece with some griddled courgettes and a simple red onion and tomato salad.

The lamb was probably the easiest part of the whiole dinner, I marinated the lamb shoulder with harrisa, a moroccan spice mix and some olive oil for a few hours then put it in the oven for six hours at 150c. When it emerged it was similar in texture to pulled pork, then i simply shredded it with two forks.


I added a little boiling water to pick up all the flavours then put the delicious bowl of shredded lamb to one side till i was ready to use it ( after tasting a little of course, just  to check the seasoning………chef’s treats) 

Once the lamb was cooked i turned the oven up to 250c and put in the turkish bread i had made about an earlier and left to prove. The recipe i used was , the only deviation I’d make from the instructions is to cook it a little longer than it says, i tapped mine and it still felt a little doughy in the middle so gave it an extra five minutes.

I also topped mine with cumin and black onion seeds as i didn’t have any sesame seeds, but this combination worked really well. Here was the loaf pre baking.

To assemble the dish i griddled some large slices of aubergine after salting them for around 30 mins to remove some of the moisture. Then i used the aubergine much the same way as you would bread in a sandwich, pilling hot lamb on top then adding corriander, griddled halloumi and finishing with a mint, lemon and paprika yoghurt dressing.

Then i popped the top slice of aubergine on.

The accompaniements.


All together the meal was a real taste of the mediterranean, from Morocco in the west to Turkey in the east and thoroughly delicious!



2 comments on “Slow Roast Moroccan Lamb with Aubergine and Halloumi 

  1. gabbyratner
    May 26, 2015

    I love eggplant, my favourite veggie. That eggplant sandwich looks amazing. Will have to steal that idea.


    • paulb
      May 26, 2015

      Haha, steal away! Glad you liked the look of it!


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