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Crudites with Anchoiade

I was watching Rick Stein’s journey through France again the other day and amongst all the great regional cooking spotted a really simple Provencal dish that would be perfect with a cold glass of wine on a summers day. Everyone is used to crudites with dips at drinks and at parties but this dish really made the vegetables stand out, simply dressed with a Anchoiade, a sauce made from anchovies, garlic and oil.

You can use any combination of vegetables you like for this but I chose fresh crunchy vegetables and some little gem lettuce. If you are looking to make it a bit more substantial you could add some boiled potatoes and some blanched green beans as well.

For the anchoiade I mostly kept it classical by whizzing up a small can of anchovies, a large clove of garlic with olive oil  a little red wine vinegar and about 20 twists from a pepper mill. Then departing slightly from tradition I added the whizzed up liquid with a couple of egg yolks and some lemon juice to make a kind of loose mayonnaise. 


Then it was simply a case of arranging the vegetables nicely ( we eat with our firts after all) on a plate and drizzling with the anchoiade. A perfect dish with a cold glass of Cote de Provence on a hot summer day.


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