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Pan Fried Cod with a Chilli, Mustard Seed, Mint and Lemon Sauce

In an attempt to clear out my freezer, an ongoing battle, I cooked some cod for my old school friends. I had a hectic day and was left to cobble something together from the store cupboard. Looking what I had I adapted a recipe that I usually use for stir fried king prawns.


I first pan fried the cod fillets in a little butter and oil. Then when cooked I took them out of the pan to rest for a moment while I made the sauce. I turned the heat down and added the dried chillies for a minute or so to impart a bit of heat then added the garlic and mustard seeds and cooked gently for a minute or so. Then I turned off the heat, added the shredded mint, lemon juice and salt. To serve I put the cod on a bed of spinach cooked with sesame oil and then drizzled the sauce over the fish. Delicious and low carb to boot!


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This entry was posted on February 22, 2015 by in Fish.
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