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Chorizo, Spinach and Chickpea Soup

After a week of suffering the worst ravages of man flu I thought I’d have a quiet Friday in with a nourishing soup.

I had a fresh chorizo that I’d made and a selection of vegetables in the fridge to use up so I thought I’d make a filling soup.


I took the skin off of the chorizo and broke it up into pieces, then fried it with chopped onions and Romano peppers. After five minutes sautéing I added chick peas, chopped tomatoes and chicken stock and let it simmer for about 20 minutes. Then I added a bag of baby spinach and cook for a further 5 minutes. At this stage you have quite a chunky soup not dissimilar to a minestrone. You can either leave it this way or chose to liquidise some of the soup as I did, this naturally adds a bit of thickness to the soup.


I served it with a chopped boiled egg, olive oil and a pinch of hot paprika. I’ve been taking cold remedies all week but I’m convinced I’ll wake up completely recovered tomorrow after this wholesome bowl!

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This entry was posted on February 20, 2015 by in Soup.
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