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Hot Smoked Sea Bass

After the not inconsiderable excesses of the run up to Christmas I thought I’d do a light starter for Boxing Day. So I got some Sea Bass fillets, hot smoked them with cherry wood and served them with a crunchy fresh salad.

Firstly I hot smoked the fillets in my Cameron stovetop smoker for 15 minutes.


While the filets were smoking I sliced some Daikon, shallots and fennel then sprinkled them with salt and left in a colander to drain. Then I washed the salt off and dressed the salad with sesame oil and yuzu juice.

After the smoking I let the fillets cool and flaked them before placing on the salad and drizzling them with lemon juice, coriander and diced green chilli.


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This entry was posted on December 27, 2014 by in DIY Food, Fish, Starters.
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