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Shake, Smoke, Shake…….. Or a Smoked Red Snapper

In my quest to fill every inch of my kitchen with culinary gadgets I recently got my hands on a Smoking Gun. It’s a small contraption that lets you add a smokiness to food or drinks, it won’t add the deep flavour you get from long cold smokes but it will give a subtle taste.

The first thing I thought I’d try was a Bloody Mary but I didn’t have any vodka so I substituted gin which ( and I had to look this up! makes it a Red Snapper.

The assembled ingredients and the smoking gun.


It was simply a case of combining the ingredients in the shaker with some ice, giving it a shake, adding some smoke to the shaker and shaking again. I also added a touch of smoke to the glasses and turned them upside to trap it for a few minutes to give a last hit of smoke before serving.


It was really good, although one wasn’t really enough!

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