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Pulled Pork……. Fail

So I’m a big fan of slow cooked food, particularly the big hunk of meat American variety! With this in mind I thought I’d invite some friends around for Pulled Pork and Mac Cheese, with some good US craft beer.

It all seemed so simple, a nice Pork Shoulder, a good base to cook it in, some onions, peppers and good spices then 10 hours in the oven low and slow. I was going out for the day so I put the pork in at 10am, with my friends coming around in the evening for a smokey unctuous feast!

I was out for much longer than expected as the traffic around London was ghastly. Still no problem I thought, I’ve only got to make the Mac Cheese. I walked through the door eager to smell the amazing aroma……. But nothing! Then I saw my oven timer blinking at me! Yes folks it seemed there had been a power cut and judging by how raw the pork was I’d say it happened about half an hour after I put the pork in!

With my friends arriving in less than half an hour I had to improvise! Sicilian sausage mac cheese with Gruyere, cheddar and Parmesan was the result of a fridge and freezer rummage!


But I wasn’t to be beaten, the pork went back in overnight and was great, the bonus being that I get to have it all myself!


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This entry was posted on October 28, 2014 by in Meat.
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