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Southern (Indian) Fried Chicken Dinner

I quite enjoy taking  a well known dish and giving it a slightly different twist. So when I recently had some excellent Keralan chicken in  London restaurant Roti Chai it gave me the idea to create an Indian take on a Southern US classic.

The day before I marinated some good free range chicken in buttermilk that I had mixed with corriander, mint, chillli, garlic and salt.

Marinating gives the meat a fantastic moistness and allows all the flavours to permeate.  So that the chicken was cooked through but also fall apart tender I then poached the chicken in the marinade, adding a little milk to ensure there was enough cooking liquid.

Then I let the chicken cool in the liquid until I was ready for the frying stage ( this marinade and poach method is something I picked up from Tim Hayward, you can see the video here To fry the chicken I made a flour dredge with lots of indian spices, I used ground corriander, cumin, hot paprika, garlic powder, garam massala and chilli. Then it was simply a case of frying untill the chicken was crisp and golden before allowing to drain on some kitchen towel.

In keeping with a fired chicken dinner I made some Indian spiced corn bread and a sweetcorn and pepper curry to accompany ( I’ll post the details in seperate blogs) as well as making a spicy fresh green chutney to dip the chicken in, I used this recipe .

The finished dish looked not dissimiliar from the Southern Classic but with a subtle Indian twist, just right for a weekend dinner as the autumn starts to close in!


One comment on “Southern (Indian) Fried Chicken Dinner

  1. Mary Kate
    September 8, 2015

    Impressive thought process, but Indian spices in fried chicken sounds wonderful.


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