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Asian Steak Tartare

I was intending to make beef carpaccio this weekend for a bit of an Italian themed dinner but unfortunatley wasn’t paying attention when buying the fillet steak from the  butcher and ended up with a large cut which although fantastic for a steak would have been impossible to cut into the wafer thin slices required for the carpacccio. So with necessity being the mother of invention I decided to whip up an asian take on a steak tartare. As a side note I decided to do all my shopping this weekend in local stores and got virtually all the ingredients for this from Kelsey’s Farm Shop in Bexley ( ), including the beef which was from a herd in Kent and was absoloutely delicious!

So nothing really complicated here, fillet steak, red onion, pickle.

Then it was just a case of cutting everything into a fine dice and putting into a bowl where I mixed in some Japanese rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, flaked chilli and some chopped chives.

Then I piled the mixture onto some freshly toasted bread and garnished with sliced radish and onion and a few more chives.


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    August 9, 2015

    This is probably the best blog I’ve ever seen


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