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Leftovers Frittata

Rummaging around my fridge on Sunday evening I found I had a surplus of eggs that needed using along with some courgette, mushrooms and  feta that were approaching the end of their useful life. So obviously I made a frittata!

I sautéed some chorizo for a few minutes to release the lovely paprika oil and then added the courgettes and mushrooms along with a little oregano and pepper. It’s important to use a pan that is oven proof as the next stage involves a hot grill.


Then I added six beaten eggs to the pan and sprinkled cubed feta and spring onions into egg. It took around four minutes for the eggs to start to set around the edge ( it’s important not to stir this as you would an omelette, you are looking for the eggs to set firm), then it’s under a hot grill until the whole top is set and golden.


Perfect Sunday night supper, with plenty left for a few lunches at work too.

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