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Sweet Potato Pancakes with Ice Cream and Salted Cashew Praline

Earlier in the week i’d had some delicious sweet potato pancakes and home made burgers, to be fair i was sceptical but the pancakes were delicious, fantastically cooked and equally well suited to sweet or savoury accompaniments. With this in mind I assembled a dessert! Regular followers will know i don’t get round to making  much sweet stuff but for the sakes of diversity and  so that not all my posts involve big hunks of meat or cured fish i thought i’d treat you.

The pancakes are simple and i used this recipe . As i turned out i didn’t quite have all the ingredients so i substituted normal flour and milk and they still turned out fine. They are then cooked just as normal pancakes.

To make the praline i toasted a handful of cashew nuts (not roasted or salted) in a pan and then added 150g of caster sugar allowing it to melt and turn a golden colour. At this point i poured out the molten sugar onto some kitchen foil, sprinkled with sea salt and allowed to cool.


Then when cool i broke the slab into smaller pieces and whizzed a few in a food processor to make a fine dust for sprinkling.


To assemble the dish i put some scoops of good vanilla ice cream on the hot pancakes sprinkled with praline lumps and dust and garnished with a little mint.


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This entry was posted on March 29, 2015 by in Dessert.
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