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Post 40th Birthday Brunch (not mine)

In the succession of 40 th birthdays that are rolling around this year some of us went out for my friend Dans birthday. We had a fantastic meal in Hawksmooor and then rolled on for a memorable evening that left more than a little pain the next morning! Half way through the night possibly after some champagne I offered to cook a recovery brunch for everyone the next day.

It was pretty standard fare but the stand out for me was a sautéed mushroom and black pudding dish. I gently fried some really good black pudding then added some chestnut mushrooms a little butter and chopped rosemary and sautéed for five minutes. Then I added a little mustard, some hot sauce a squeeze lemon and a handful of chopped parsley and a grind of black pepper.

I’m pretty modest and it was probably down to my friends slightly below par state but it was declared ” the best fry up ever”! So much so that my friend Gary changed his what’s app  profile picture to one of the fry up!……. Let’s see how long it remains so!

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This entry was posted on March 4, 2015 by in Brunch.
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