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Chilli Pork Scratchings

I like beer! There, I’ve said it! And what goes better with beer than a pork scratching………… Nothing!

So tired of some of the awful attempts you get in pubs, all full of hair and fat I thought I’d try making my own.

I found thisTom Kerridge recipe
and set to work.

I cut the pork rind, which by the way was only £1.50 for three big pieces, into bite size squares and marinated it in 200ml white wine vinegar and a tablespoon of sea salt for about five minutes. I also added some chilli flakes as I like a bit of heat. Cue unappetising picture!!


Then it was into an oven at 180 c for as long as they take to crisp up. Mine took around 25 minutes.

Then it’s out to cool. WARNING- it’s really hard not to scoff them as soon as they come out of the oven!


When cool I dusted them with some sea salt and chilli and enjoyed them with a ice cold beer.


Ps the beer I was drinking was a Swedish Brew called Pistonhead. Very nice!


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