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Five Minute Monday Supper ( Kind Of)

I started cycling to work again yesterday, although it was short lived as I had three punctures this morning and am currently writing this on the train! Anyway, back to the point! So after a long cycle in the damp November weather I fancied something quick and warming for dinner.

Rummaging through my freezer I found some of the barley I had cooked the previous weekend ( this is the cheat bit I guess but you could easily use one of the precooked packets of rice in various flavours you can get from the supermarket) . So I warmed this up and when it was hot took it off of the gas and stirred in some rocket. At the same time I simply tossed some pre cooked crayfish in some hot olive oil with garlic, chilli and squeezed some lime juice on at the end.

The result was a really tasty supper that took minutes and was full of good warming stuff.


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This entry was posted on November 18, 2014 by in Fish.
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