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Almost Salsa Verde Marinated Roast Lamb

Over the winter I’m a big fan of slow roasting shoulders of lamb to give delicious fall apart meat with lots of flavour, but as we’re into summer now i prefer to cook slightly more tender cuts that cook quicker or can even be barbequed. As i had some friends coming over for dinner i decided to buy a leg of lamb on the bone and buttefly it myself before marinating and roasting.

The marinade was mostly the same as a salsa verde. I whizzed up mint, parsley garlic, a few capers and anchovies  with lemon juice, olive oil and a little salt and then rubbed it in all over the meat before allowing it to marinate for about eight hours in the fridge.

To cook i roasted at about 200c for about 40 mins until the skin was golden and crispy and the meat was still a little pink. To serve i made a fresh salsa verde and spooned it over the thick slabs of delious lamb.


I served the lamb with a fresh and crunchy  shaved salad.

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