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Dinner For A Diplomat

It had been nearly six months since I’d seen my friend who is living in Canada working hard for the Foreign Office . So by way of a treat I thought I’d cook up something special while he was staying.

To start with I just used some of my beetroot cured smoked salmon and served it with horseradish, dill and lemon soured cream. This is so tasty I’ve nearly always got some curing I the fridge now.


For the main course I prepared some flat iron steak in the sous vide cooker. Flat iron is a great cut with loads of flavour but can be a little tough so after researching a little online I cooked it for 10 hours at 55c. Prior to putting it in the bag I seasoned it with a standard steak dry rub.

After ten hours I removed the steak from the bag gave it another hit of dry rub and then blasted it with a blowtorch to develop a crust. Then I simply sliced it and served it with some chimichurri sauce.


The steak was perfectly medium rare and the sauce was the perfect accompaniment with its wonderful herby , spicy tartness ( find the recipe online here ) It’s definitely a dish I’ll be doing again and soon. I served it with some good bread, dressed rocket and some slow cooked Romano peppers. Then we got down to the serious business of smoking cigars and drinking whiskey!


2 comments on “Dinner For A Diplomat

  1. Brad
    March 12, 2015

    That looks mighty pleasant! Any way of doing this without a sous vide? And what of potatoes? Or is that uneccessary?


    • paulb
      March 13, 2015

      Hi Brad. You could just cook the steak in a pan and it’ll be delicious but you won’t get the edge to edge rare and it probably won’t be quite as tender. We’d had quite a big starter so potatoes may have been a bit too much!


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