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Lahmacun لحم بعجين ( Turkish Pizza)

We have some great Turkish restaurants in the UK, and a while ago a friend of mine with Cypriot heritage suggested I try Lahmacun, a thin bread base with a spiced lamb and tomato topping. Calling it Turkish pizza doesn’t really do it justice as its quite different and the delicate spicing is fantastic, my version is an approximation based on the real thing using some ingredients I had at home, but you can find authentic recipes on the internet.

I started with a standard pizza dough recipe and let it prove for a few hours. Meanwhile i made some Baba Ganoush with some delicious smokey aubergine ( this is a good recipe ) to use as the sauce for the base. When the dough was ready I rolled out a circle and spread the baba ganoush over in a thin layer. Then i spread on some chopped tomatoes with most of the juice squeezed out, some spiced roast lamb that i had left over and frozen from the weekend before, chopped Halloumi, sliced aubergine, pine nuts and chilli.

It was then onto a hot pizza stone and into the oven on maximum heat until golden. 

Once out of the oven I dressed with a mint yoghurt sauce and served with wedges of lemon. It would go great with a cold rose wine and a salad rich with crunchy radishes and sprinkled with sumac.


One comment on “Lahmacun لحم بعجين ( Turkish Pizza)

  1. vickitucklee
    August 4, 2015

    Oh that looks really good!! We love Baba Ganoush! Thanks for sharing


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